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Artist Credit: Mark Lewis Wagner

Sometime in the 80’s, I came across a notecard featuring The Elder by Mark Lewis Wagner. I was drawn in immediately. It was as if I recognized my aged self in a future dimension. This magical character beckoned me, “I am who you are becoming.” I bought three cards and have kept The Elder in my sight for over thirty years now.

As a child, I hid my little elf, alien and multi-dimensional, non-linear being. Being normal or at least acting like it was of critical importance to my mother. Any reported ‘unusual’ experiences would be dismissed and ridiculed as a wild imagination or just plain lies. However as an adult, in my non-professional time as a social worker, I began to study psychic and intuitive development, hypnosis, energy healing, past lives, quantum physics and other topics considered ‘out- there.’ I had started the journey of awakening my magic when The Elder spoke to me.

The Elder has been in my sight now for over thirty years. Like the northern star, The Elder has beckoned me to include magic and imagination on my path of aging. The Elder continues to inspire me because I am a senior now, to even more fully embrace and embody my own my magic, my Wild Grey.