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About Wild Grey

I’m a Baby Boomer. If you are reading this you may be too.

I am accomplished and so far successful in life. I belong in a cohort of woman and men conditioned to think we are special. Baby Boomers have questioned the status quo; spoken out loud the unspeakable and broken glass ceilings. Baby Boomers are immensely varied. And at least for the next thirty years, we are a force: the Aging Tsunami. Will we be a wave of destruction, of transformation or just an inconsequential blip in the radar of human time?

Wild Grey is rooted in physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth. I am aspiring to grow older and braver. I embrace my ever-changing aging self with kindness, honesty and humor.

Be Brave Now. We will be gone soon enough.


The Wild Grey will explore:

  • Internalized Ageism: Becoming the Other
  • The Magic of Aging
  • The Body as a Healing Time Machine
  • Releasing Embodied Trauma/Releasing Youth
  • What is Successful Aging Versus Usual Aging?
  • Creativity in the Face of Entropy
  • What does Wild Grey Mean for you?
  • And More